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Labrador retriever Pedigree of FC Louisiana Black Magic Spell
FC Louisiana Black Magic Spell
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Hex x Lola
FC Hex X Lucy

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Callname: Hex
Gender: Male
Color: BLK
coat Genotype: Black - Hidden Yellow and Choc - EeBb
Whelp Date: 5/4/2014
Owner: Brian Rolling
Breeder: Lynn Dodge
OFA Hips: LR-220804G24M-VPI (Good)
OFA Elbow: LR-EL72951M24-VPI (Normal)
CNM: LR-CNM1164/24M-PI (Clear)
EIC: LR-EIC3402/24M-PI (Clear)
AKC reg: SR82638905
AKC DNA: V820648
Derby Points: 26
FT Champion Points: 39
PRA: LR-PRA1720/43M-PI
~FC Louisiana Black Magic Spell~

Hex is on the National Derby List with 26 points and Qualified All Age at 29 months old winning the first qualifier he ever ran (49 dog entry). Won the first open he ran while just 2 years old (74 dog entry),Hex also qualified for the 2017 nationals while he was still just 2 years old! Field Champion at yong age of 3.4 years old! He is an excellent marker, great at water work and best of all a great personality. Hex has a focus on the line and the ability to know what birds he has picked up and where the next one is.

Hex Data:

Nationals: 2017 NRC (5th series)
2018 NRC
2019 NRC (passed 7 series)

AA Points 39.00
AA Wins 5*
Am Points 9.50
AM Wins 1*
Open Points 29.50
Open Wins 4*
Derby Points 26.00
Derby Wins 2*
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FC Louisiana Black Magic Spell Bayou Magic's Dave Robicheaux MH QA2 ( CHOC ) Eyes: LR-363047
CNM: (Clear)
EIC: D11-012837
FC AFC Wing Magic's Louisiana Roux MH ( CHOC )
Hips: LR-156950G24M-PI (Good)
Elbows: LR-EL29509M24-PI
Eyes: LR-45676 (06)
FC AFC Cuda's Blue Ryder MH ( CHOC )
Hips: LR-104809G28M (Good)
Elbows: LR-EL10452M28
Eyes: LR 19854/2003-69 (Normal)
Way-Da-Go Answered Prayer ( BLK )
Hips: LR-1357449G25F-PI (GOOD)
Eyes: LR-37546N
GMPR Santa Fe's Contender Tyra MH ( CHOC )
Hips: LR155459G25F-PI (Good)
Eyes: LR-38162 (Normal)
Candlewood's Red Hot Spur MH ( CHOC )
Hips: LR-91697G25M-T (GOOD)
Eyes: LR-17190
EIC: LR-EIC-2066/201M-PI
Edgefield's Princess Warrior ( CHOC )
Hips: LR-135424G24F-PI (Good)
OGF Contenders Abbie QAA ( BLK )
Hips: LR-200464E27F-VPI (EXCELLENT)
Elbows: NORMAL
CNM: 92552 CLEAR
EIC: D11-044009 CLEAR
Lean Angus QAA ( BLK )
Hips: LR-132588G26M-PI (Good)
2xNAFC 2xCNAFC FC CFC Ebonstar Lean Mac ( BLK )
Hips: LR-46627G24M (Good)
Eyes: LR-6972/2001--126
FC A Gust of Control Abe Ility ( BLK )
Hips: LR-83122E26F (EXCELLENT)
Elbows: LR-EL5500F26 (Normal)
Eyes: LR-13692 (Normal)
Contender's Little Ms Cocky ( BLK )
Hips: LR-152170G25F-PI
FC-AFC Texas WB Cocky Two Stepper (2007 Hall of Fame) ( BLK )
Hips: LR-60994E24M (EXCELLENT)
AFC Bill's Little Miss Dangerous ( BLK )
Hips: LR-73021G24F (Good)



4 Gen Pedigree
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