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Marksalot Docs Ur Huckaberry MH MNH6

Callname: Doc
Gender: Male
Color: BLK
coat Genotype: Black - Hidden Yellow and Choc - EeBb
Whelp Date: 10/16/2004
Date of Death: 0/0/0

AKC reg: SR20888903
AKC DNA: V717549


Marksalot Docs Ur Huckaberry MH MNH6 HRCH Marks-A-Lot Gangster QAA MH MNH CD WCX ( BLK )
'93 NAFC FC M D's Cotton Pick'n Cropper ( YLW )
FC AFC Candlewoods M D Houston (1996 Hall of Fame) ( YLW )
Krugerrand's Honey Bee *** ( YLW )
Marks-A-Lot's Bitz Of Fitz MH ( BLK )
NAFC (91)-FC Cody's R Dee ( BLK )
Motorin' Bear Of Texas MH ( BLK )
Marks A Lots Call Me Cathy JH ( BLK )
AFC Mystic's One Too May O D ( BLK )
FC Lakeridge's Magnum Mike ( BLK )
Mystic's Troublesome Itch CD NA ( YLW )
FC-AFC Wilderness Harley To Go 2003 Hall of Fame ( BLK )
Troublesome Cassie MH ( BLK )
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