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AFC Candlewoods Lil Smokin Tequila

Callname: Darla
Gender: Female
Color: BLK
coat Genotype: Black - Hidden Yellow - EeBB
Whelp Date: 2/5/2002
Date of Death: 0/0/0
Owner: Breck Campbell
Breeder: Lorri Oliver & Cecily Dunlap

OFA Hips: LR-172149G46F-PI
Eye CERF/CAER: LR-43038
OFA Elbow: -
AKC reg: SR00248402
Derby Points: 3
FT Champion Points: 38
Other Qualifications or Notes:
Had 15.5 Open points but never got a 1st place to complete FC. Finalist at 2007 Canadian National Open.


AFC Candlewoods Lil Smokin Tequila FC-AFC Carolina's Smoke On The Water ( BLK )
FC-AFC Rebel Ridge Cody's Mischief ( BLK )
'84 NAFC FC AFC Trumarc's Zip Code 1993 Hall of Fame ( BLK )
FC-AFC Ms Mischief's Magic Marker ( BLK )
FC AFC Carolina's Liquid Smoke ( BLK )
FC-AFC Sky Watch Radar ( BLK )
FC AFC Moon's Carolina Cajun ( BLK )
FC AFC Tequilla Sunrise IX ( BLK )
2xNAFC 2xCNAFC FC CFC Ebonstar Lean Mac ( BLK )
CNFC-CNAFC Waldorf's High Tech ( YLW )
Ebonaceae Princess WCX QAA ( BLK )
HRCH Dust Devil's Desert Duk MH *** ( BLK )
Dust Devil's Trieven Tako ( BLK )
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