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Hunting lab pedigree
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Below is a list of the dogs that are offspring of 2xNAFC 2xCNAFC FC CFC Ebonstar Lean Mac . This may not be a complete list, because HUNTINGLABPEDIGREE database is based on the information users enter.


Total number of Titled dogs: 341
DAM: FC A Gust of Control Abe Ility DAM: AFC Abe's Magic Maggie DAM: Acy Morning Mist DAM: AFC Anderson's Bailey JH DAM: FC-AFC Autumn Run's Lil' Toots DAM: Autumn Run's Talkin Tailwind DAM: HRCH Basic's Honest Holly Hooker MH *** DAM: Bear's Honest Ebony Lace DAM: Bears' Tank To Go Cropper DAM: Bigwoods Heart Breaker DAM: AFC Black Magic's Pride And Joy DAM: CAFC BLUEGOOSE'S PURDY BIGGUN DAM: Bluenorth's Too Hot To Touch *** DAM: Briarcreek's King Cole DAM: FC AFC Brookdales Sugar And Spice DAM: Cameo's Bold Caper UD MH DAM: Candlewods Homely Hannah DAM: Candlewood Abe Solute Madness DAM: Candlewood Zips Classical Jazz MH DAM: AFC Candlewood's Airborne Allie MH DAM: Candlewood's Divine Ms M *** DAM: Candlewood's Fantaztic Taz
  • Cashzingers Special Brew MH
    OFA Hips: LR-119811E25M-PI (EXCELLENT)
    EYE CERF/CAER: LR-27962N (Clear)
    OFA Elbow: LR-EL14706M25-PI (Normal)
DAM: FC AFC CFC Candlewood's MS MB Kate DAM: Candlewood's Mustang Sally SH DAM: AFC Candlewood's Oprah Win-For-Me DAM: FC AFC Candlewood's Rita Reynolds DAM: FC Candlewood's Stormy Weather DAM: Candlewoods Berkleys On Line DAM: FC AFC Candlewoods Bits An Pieces DAM: SHR Candlewoods Canterbury Cando DAM: FC AFC Candlewoods Gotta Be Good DAM: Candlewoods High Dollar Dana DAM: Candlewoods High Dollar Diva DAM: FC Candlewoods Homely Hannah DAM: AFC Candlewoods Ms Costalot DAM: Candlewoods Nota Penny More DAM: Canterbury North Twin Black MH DAM: FC CFC Canterbury's Bet On Black DAM: Canterbury's Tuff-enuff DAM: FC AFC Carrolls Black Velvet DAM: Castlebay's Flying Filcher MH*** DAM: Castlebay's Quarter Babe DAM: FC-AFC-CNFC-CAFC Chena River No Surprise (2004 Hall of Fame) DAM: FC AFC CFC CAFC Chena River Tug DAM: Classic Tanker Belle DAM: Code'max Cherokee Rose DAM: FC AFC CFC Cody's Caraway Kate DAM: Cody's Return To Sender DAM: FC AFC Coldcreek Kayla To Go DAM: CFC CAFC MHR Coldcreek's Kayla To Go DAM: Country's Can't Stop Me Now Reba DAM: Country's Can't Stop Now Reba MH DAM: FC Cream DAM: Crooked Creek's Wild Jasmine QA2 MH DAM: Cropper's Inchin' Jordache DAM: Cropper's Itchin' Jordache DAM: FC DANCES WITH WOLVES DAM: FC AFC SRSC HRCH MHR DAY'S END HILLVIEW SUPER SUE MH DAM: CNFC CFC Dippomarsh Kerensa O Carronade DAM: Double Tanks For Kaylee DAM: Drake's Bay Magic Marker Mattie SH DAM: Duckshack Lady Kady DAM: Duffglenn's Sparks Will Fly QAA *** DAM: Dust Devil's Cactus Flower DAM: HRCH Dust Devil's Desert Duk MH *** DAM: Dust Devil's Trieven Tako DAM: AFC Dyna Buck DAM: Espial Firebird MH *** DAM: Far Fetched Betty DAM: Floodbay's Caramel Crystal WCX DAM: CNAFC-FC Free Trade DAM: Freezeout Picabo Streak MH DAM: FC AFC HRCH Gator Pt's Sweet Potato Pie DAM: Green Lakes Cut Me Loose Lucy DAM: Greenbriar Tooter In Pursuit *** DAM: Grey Oaks Almost An Angel DAM: Gusto's Hot Chocolate DAM: NAFC FC Hattie McBunn (2001 Retriever Hall of Fame) DAM: Heartland's Pathfinder Radar MH DAM: High Octane Jane DAM: Hillock's Waterstrike Hailey JH DAM: FC AFC Hilltop's High Society DAM: FC Honcho's Karma Chameleon DAM: Hunters Marsh Jet Tea JH DAM: Jacksen DAM: FC AFC JJ's Desire To Go DAM: FC Justin Time Zoe DAM: Lab's Unlimited Final Cut DAM: LAB'S UNLIMITED ZEST POWERED DAM: NAFC FC Lady Andrel's Nighthawk Lady MH DAM: Lady Tessa Of Tejas DAM: Lazer's Razor Sharp MH DAM: Lil Bit Of Jazz *** DAM: FC AFC Little MS. Chief DAM: Lorken on the Loose MH DAM: Lottie's Chena Reaction DAM: Lucy's Rough Ridin Jubilee MH DAM: Madam's Circuit Dove DAM: Merganser's Waterstrike Cher SH DAM: Millforge Anvil Anne DAM: FC AFC Mitimat You Go Girl DAM: HRCH Moon River Katie DAM: Ms Mischief Tanks Harly Alot DAM: FC AFC CFC Murphy Isn't Brown She's Black DAM: Nebo's Polished Amber MH DAM: Nebos Polished Amber MH DAM: North Fork's Annie MH DAM: Orion's Blazing Star JH DAM: GMHR Patchwork Amber Of Southwind MH DAM: PDK Leaky Tiki DAM: Peakebrook's Apparition *** DAM: FC PinMark's Queen of Pride Rock DAM: Plourde Magie DAM: FC AFC Power Strok'n Sally DAM: Quest's End Jessi of Deke's Den DAM: CFC CAFC Raggedy Anne DAM: CNAFC CFC RAINDANCERS LONESOME DOVE DAM: Rainwaters Harleys Comet DAM: FC AFC Rammin Hot Chili DAM: Redline Limited Edition QAA DAM: FC AFC Rio Lago MH DAM: FC AFC Riparian Mariah DAM: River Hills Smoken Samantha MH
  • FC Little Wing MH MNH5
    OFA Hips: LR-130199G24M-PI (Good)
    EYE CERF/CAER: LR-41335 (Normal)
    OFA Elbow: LR-EL18164M24-PI (Normal)
DAM: Riverwalk's Lady Ruckus DAM: FC RMR Ebonstars Magic SH DAM: Rocky Point's Generation EX *** DAM: Rogue River Debutante MH DAM: FC AFC Ruff Rivers Oasis On The Plains DAM: CNAFTCH FC AFC Runnin's Molly B DAM: HRCH Sabella's Tazmanian Devil SH DAM: GRHRCH Sadie's Super Savannah of Oz MH DAM: SANDLAKE'S JEZEBEL SH DAM: Setiranap Jenny DAM: Shell B Merc DAM: Shooters Spirited Lady Tara DAM: Smokey's Playgirl DAM: HRCH Southhill's U Gotta B Kiddin MH DAM: HRCH Southills U Gotta B Kiddin MH DAM: Starlab Madd Dash Kate QAA DAM: Sugar Mill Nike DAM: MHR-WR Sugars Dynamite Explosion DAM: Sunnyview's Macee Mae MH DAM: CAFC Super Tanker's Sassy Rascal MH *** DAM: Super Tankers Renegade Sioux DAM: AFC Tahoe's Mally Malarky DAM: FC Tanks Too Legit To Quit DAM: Taz Manian Devil Iii DAM: FC AFC Teal Mckenzie ll MH DAM: Ten Bears Ropin The Moon DAM: Thndrwings First Class Lass *** DAM: FC AFC Thoroughly Thriller DAM: Thunderhill's Total Eclipse DAM: TNT Ten Bears Little River MH DAM: FC AFC Topbrass Jordache DAM: Troublesome Patty DAM: Trumarc's Hot Leggs *** DAM: Trumarc's Hot Legs DAM: FC AFC Trumarc's Too Hot To Handle DAM: Utopia Bewitched MH DAM: FC Vinwood's Sally Sue DAM: Waterborn's Quintana Roo DAM: Waterdog's Trida Stop Me MH DAM: Watermark's K.D. MH MNH DAM: FTCH AFTCH HRCH Waterstrike Ramblin Bramble CD DAM: Way-da-go Perfek-chin DAM: Westwind's Super Lucky Babe DAM: Wilderness Harley's Free Fall JH

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