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Hunting lab pedigree
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If you have ANY questions or problems with the site Please email me info@huntinglabpedigree.com Your input will help make this site better.

Hunting Lab Pedigree FAQ page:

Edit Lock

Test Breedings


What's the purpose of Hunting Lab Pedigree?

    The purpose of Hunting Lab Pedigree is to provide working and hunting Labrador retriever owners an educational and resourceful research pedigree database. It also provides owners a way to research what the accomplishments of related dogs.  Plus since UKC and AKC do not recognize each others titles on their pedigrees.  With Hunting lab pedigree database all registries information is  welcome.

Why are their only certain breeds on this site?

I am currently adding other breeds that do not have a well established free database site.

There are already some FREE website database available for other hunting breeds.

Such as:

If you would like to utilize Hunting Lab Pedigree with your hunting breed, I would be happy to help set up the database and help administer it. Please email me at info@huntinglabpedigree.com 

  What's the cost to use the hunting lab pedigree site?

  FREE -- Anyone can view, add, or edit dog's in the database; however I do require you to register (free) to add or edit dogs.

Who Can search and view dog's pedigree and information?

Anyone can view and research dog's pedigree and information.

Why do I see duplicates dogs?

Hunting Lab pedigree has created precautions to prevent duplicate entries, but sometimes duplicate dog's will be entered.  The most common reasons are misspelling of names OR if someone search for a dog with their titles & adds the dog & title.

If you see that a dog has been duplicated please email me or delete it on the edit dog page. (deleting the name will send hunting lab pedigree an email)

Can I add my Labrador Retriever?

Yes, as long as your Labrador retriever is of hunting origin you are welcome to add your Labrador retriever's pedigree and information.

How do I add a Labrador retriever's name?

To add a dog, start by searching for them. (search for dog's WITHOUT titles)  Titles are any prefix or suffix title around the registered name.  If you are unable to find your dog's name in the database you will be asked to add them.

Why do I need to register to add or edit dog's?
This is a protection for the database and the hard work that everyone has put into it. If you feel that someone is abusing the database please email me at report@huntinglabpedigree.com (please include dog's name that has been changed)

Can I edit someone else's dog?
Yes, you are able to edit or change any dog's information in the database.  Exclusions is test breedings & stud pages which can only be changed by the user that has created them. NOTE: I am setting up a feature where a dog's information can be locked by administrator/dog owner.

 How do I create a link to my dog from another website/forum?

Very easy. Search for your dog.  When you are on the pedigree page of the dog.  Copy the Full URL address (It the "address" in the box at the very top of your web browser.)  It should look like http://www.huntinglabpedigree.com/pedigree.asp?id=176

You can also Link the Stud pages or Genetic pedigree page.  Same as above just the address may have studdog or extpedigree in the address.

What is Edit Lock?

Edit Lock is a way that an owner of a dog can "Lock" the edit mode in the database. This way only the owner or administrator can edit a dog's information or change the parents of a dog.  This is a way you can feel secure that your dog's information is not being maliciously changed without your consent.  To edit lock a dog please go to that dog's edit page & request a dog to be edit locked. You can edit lock as many dogs as you like.

What happens after I request a dog to be Edit Locked?

Please allow 2 to 24 hours for an administrator to lock the edit page of your dog.  Once it's locked  you will see (dog has been edit locked by the administrator.) 

Where can I edit my dog(s) that have been Edit locked?

 To Edit your dog(s) Go to MY ACCOUNT Page.  There you will see a link  you will see a link to your Edit Lock Dog Page.  This is where you can edit your dog's information.

Can I Edit Lock someone else's dog?

Yes, but there are limitations. If you want another dog to be edit locked you are welcome to request it, but if you are not the owner the dog will be edit locked through the hunting lab pedigree administrator.  This means that if you want to change a dog's information you must contact Hunting Lab pedigree.

What is a test breeding?

A test breeding is a way to show a pedigree of a upcoming or current litter you have.  It's also a way to test a breeding out by looking at each pedigrees together.

How do I set up a test breeding?

Any user can create a test breeding, just go to MY ACCOUNT to add the test breeding.

Someone is abusing the site by changing some dog's information, how do I report them?

f you feel that someone is abusing the site please report them by sending me an email report@huntinglabpedigree.com

What registries are accepted?

All registries and titles are accepted.

What are the terms of Hunting Lab Pedigree?

HuntingLabPedigree.com is a USER based pedigree and statistics database program.

The administer and creator of this site hereby disclaim any liability for the accuracy or meaning of any such information provided in the site. Users hereby agree to use or rely on such information solely at their own risk.

We provide no warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy of any such information, and user agrees to hold the site operator or any successor or representative thereof harmless from any claim or liability or damage resulting from use of any information provided for any purpose, personal or commercial.

You are welcome to add information on dogs that are missing from the database, or to correct errors if you find them. The value of this database depends entirely on the quality of user input.


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