Genetic Pedigree of CFC CAFC Pilkingtons Kayte Of Southgate / Genetic Pedigree of CFC CAFC Pilkingtons Kayte Of Southgate

Nightmare Turbo Diesel CAN*** ( YLW )

HRCH Moon River's Yankee Major ( YLW )
Hips: OFA25F
Elbows: OFEL24
CNFC-CAFC Call Me Mister Independence ( BLK ) (B-Y)
Hips: LR-40209E24M-T (Excellent)
Eyes: LR-5093 (CLEAR)
CNAFC-CFC-FC-AFC Aces High III 1998 Hall of Fame ( BLK ) (B-C)
Hips: LR-26588G24M(Good)
Eyes: LR-2917 (CLEAR)
NFC-AFC-CFC-CAFC Yankee Independence ( YLW )
Hips: LR-19310
 NAHRA-MHR/WR Moon River's Cash Kate's Choice ( YLW )
Hips: LR-31808F
Eyes: LR-14552
FC AFC Stone's Throw Marion's Choice (2004 Hall Of Fame) ( BLK )
Hips: LR-17399
AFC Black Gold's Candlewood Kate ( YLW )
Hips: LR-13552 (Normal)
  Crone's Lil Magy Miner's Misery ( YLW )
 HRCH Moulton's Lab Chopper ( YLW )
UH HRCH Moulton's Golden Rebel ( YLW )
Bob N Chantell's Goosie Lucy ( YLW )
ENG FTCH Angus Of Hambrook ( YLW )
Hambrook Empress ( BLK )

Naya The Pilkington Nightmare ( UNKN )

CFC-CAFC Pilkington's Teddy Bear ( BLK )
Gahonk's Super Dan ( BLK )
FC AFC Ironwood Tarnation (1995 Hall Of Fame) ( BLK )
Hips: LR-10586
FC CFC CAFC Nilak Coriander ( BLK )
Hips: LR-10684
Pintail's Double Trouble ( BLK )
FC-CFC-CAFC Brovics Mr T Bear ( BLK )
Hips: LR-19233
Debbie's Sassy Of Pintail ( BLK )
Cobblehill's Marilyn Monroe ( YLW )
Hips: LR-44135E28F
CNFC CNAFC FC AFC The Marathon Man ( YLW ) (Y-B)
Hips: LR-18193 (NORMAL)
Eyes: LR-4091
AFC Westwinds Pedro ( BLK ) (B-Y)
Hips: LR-11901N26M
AFC CAFC Minnie Mouse ( YLW )
Hips: LR-13252
Sandy Lady Bird CAN*** ( YLW )
CFC CFC Going Going Josh ( BLK )
Boumerang Lady Bird ( BLK )
Hips: LR-20489

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